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Devon Esrick

While visiting African villages and seeing the devastation from HIV/AIDS and poverty, Devon said "These children's only hope is through education." With these words, her dream began. Today the four schools in Zambia, Niger, and Kenya have become a reality becasue of people like you. 

Dear Friends and Family,


As part of my Bat Mitzvah, I am committed to doing Zedekiah and Mitzvah to enhance my understanding of this important time in my life. On my family’s recent trip to Africa, I was so moved by what I saw that I knew I had to make a difference. While visiting local schools, villages, and orphanages I saw first hand how hard life can be. You must understand that Zambia (one of the countries in Africa) has an unemployment rate of over 50%. The workers who do have jobs make less than $3 per day and over 45% of the people (including children) are infected with HIV/AID’s. There are more children than grownups because their parents have died from HIV/AID’s. At a local school I noticed a sign that said, “You are either infected or affected by AID’s.” This was at an elementary school.


I realized how lucky not only I am, but how lucky we are as Americans. We have hope but most of these people do not. I feel the best chance these children have for a better life is by getting a good education. I believe with proper education (learning to read, write, math, etc.) they can go out and get a better job and hopefully become educators to others in their village.


That is why I have decided as my Bat Mitzvah project to try and help educate children (build a school, add a library with books, add desks, help hire educators, etc.) in one of these poor villages in Zambia. I am asking for your help. The more I can raise the more schoolrooms, chairs, and books I can provide. I have set up a 501C3 non-profit so your donation to my school in Africa can be tax deductible. Please make your check out to “Hope Through Education.”


Thank you for your help. Together we can change the lives of not only these children, but the lives of future generations to come.


Love to you all and thank you so much for your generosity.




Devon Esrick


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